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    How long does it take for a truck to reach Bazargan border?

    For trucks that depart from Germany, it takes 12 to 15 days and 7 to 8 days for trucks that leave from Turkey. After passing the border, it takes 2 to 4 days to reach the destination customs (Depending on which destination custom it is). The Shipping Advice, Border Arrival, Discharge Report, and Readiness of Delivery Order report will be sent by four separate emails.

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    What information is required to be sent by the consignee or transport company?

    • Persian name of the consignee/ company • National ID number of the consignee • Persian name of the commodity • Iranian Custom Tariff No • Iranian insurance (If there is insurance, please send a readable copy) • Order Registration • Proforma Invoice • VIP (For those goods which require by customs)

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    What is the deadline for sending the information about goods?

    The consignee or transport company should send the required information before the truck arrives border (It is possible to send the copy of the insurance until discharge); otherwise, Masiran is not responsible for any problems which may be occurred.

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    How long does it take to provide a delivery order?

    Delivery Order will be available in 2-3 working days (except Thursdays) after the discharge day at Tehran and one day for other cities. We will send you an email as soon as it gets ready.

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    Which documents are required to collect the Delivery Order?

    • Introduction letter or power of attorney from consignee or transport company with valid ID card. • An original Bill of Loading (for consignees, not transport companies). • Payment of charges as per invoice.

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    How to pay charges when collecting the delivery order?

    • By credit card machine in the office • By bank transfer after approval of the bank

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    What is included in the payment invoice?

    The invoice which is in the Readiness of Delivery Order report is charged as follows: • Expenses and clearance • Charges for registering Delivery Order in EPL system • Charges for amending the HS code in the EPL system (If there is any) • Charges for other cities (Only Free Zones and Special Free Zones) include charges with official receipts It is worth mentioning that the International Transport Companies Association of Iran determines these charges every year.

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    When is EPL available?

    The EPL will be ready after the truck receipt announcement.

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    How long does it take for the Delivery Order to be abandoned?

    The Delivery Order of the ordinary goods will be abandoned three months after the date of issuance (except Free Zones) and 20 days for hazardous goods. Therefore, consignees must clear their goods from customs before these dates.